Healthy and Happy Puppy Parents - Gabby and Buddy

Gabby (mom) and Buddy (stud) have F2B Goldendoodle puppies which arrived on Dec. 21, 2021.   F2B  Goldendoodle generation has significant poodle genes which results in a mostly wavy or curly coat.  This means the puppies will have less shedding and be more hypoallergenic.  The F2B Goldendoodle generation is often referred to as a Multi-generation Goldendoodle since they are the 3rd generation of offspring.  Both parents have clean Genetic and Health Testing reports from Embark



Gabby is an F1 Goldendoodle who is medium sized and weighs 58 pounds.  She is our family pet.  Gabby loves to play fetch and she has taught everyone she meets, including other dogs, to play the game with her.  Gabby loves to go boating, swimming, dog parks, hiking, chasing deer and walks.  She isn't high maintenance about exercise though.  Get gets along with babies, kids, elderly, other pets and everyone she ever encounters.  She is also a great home protector since she makes sure that I hear any thing that's out of place or near our home.  Gabby is my shadow and loves attention.  



Buddy is a F2B small in size Goldendoodle who weighs 35 pounds.  Buddy is owned by BellaDoodles in Georgia.  Buddy has the most beautiful Tuxedo markings with a light Golden colored wavy coat.  Buddy doesn't shed.  He also loves to please people, play fetch, snuggle and he has a wonderful temperament.  Buddy's Tuxedo marking tend to carry down into his puppies and so far almost all of their litter has the Tuxedo marking.  Like Gabby, Buddy is a family pet adored by his people.  Buddy is 63% small poodle, 23% Goldendoodle and remainder standard poodle.